Thank You for visiting The Real Meal Raw Pet Food Company!
I am Brenda, the original recipe formulator of BJ's Raw Pet Food, along with my husband Ken and a team of advisors and pet food experts have made this company complete. Sam is a very special person on our team, he comes to us from Answer's Dog food. His knowledge knows no bounds! Together we can help formulate a diet that is perfect for your pet :)
An Animal lover since I was born, I trained my own horse by the time I was 18, raised, trained and loved hundreds of dogs in my lifetime. I started feeding my dogs raw in 2012. I have never looked back. Hands down it is the best food for dogs.
Personally I have been feeding the Premium Blend to my dogs, with an occasional rabbit and goat for 9 years. I have raised many litters of puppies on it and they have thrived! At 3 weeks of age they start eating eating Real Meal Pet Food K9 Premium Blend. It is an absolute joy to watch dogs LOVE their meals and know it is made of the best ingredients to keep them healthy and in top shape.
If you have any questions about our food or about us, please feel free to contact us.