Build a Bowl pack

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Give your pet some fun and texture at meal time!  Juicy chunks of beef, beef tongue, beef heart, beef liver, whole chicken necks, whole sardines & Veggie Blend Jello paws.

Kit includes

* 2lb Beef Chunks

* 2lb Beef Heart Chunks

* 2lb Chicken Necks

* 2lb Whole Sardines

* 1lb Beef Liver

* 9 Veggie Blend Jello Paws

This kit has enough for 6-8 build a bowl meals for a 50lb dog.


Fed together it is a balanced meal filled with a variety of textures and taste your dog will love!


Our animals are farm raised, locally sourced in PA. Raised on grass with no hormones, and no antibitoics and no HPP ever!

The way Pet Food should be!