K-9 Turkey Premium Blend

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Fresh Turkey

Let your pickiest of eaters from 3 weeks to senior eat their heart out with this delicious, balanced meal. Made with natural, highly absorbable supplements, wild blueberries, herbs, and more, their taste buds and total body health will thank you for this coarsely ground and thoroughly mixed meal.

  • Serving size: Feed 3% of your dog’s weight daily. For puppies, feed 3% of expected adult weight 2-3 times daily.
  • Easy preparation: Keep frozen until ready to feed. Then, simply thaw in fridge and feed within 5 days of thawing.

    ** When buying 38 lb. portion, thaw and refreeze one time.

The Forever DogLow Carb & Low Glycemic: The Recipe to a Long, Healthy Life

In their recently released book, The Forever Dog, trusted pet care advocates Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, revealed science-backed, healthy eating habits for pups. Although their research is newly released, our raw dog food has always followed strict dietary standards. We maintain a low-carb, low-glycemic recipe to help your pets lead a long, happy, healthy life.




  • Farm fresh whole prey turkey
  • Fresh beef, including green tripe and heart
  • Pork
  • Salmon
  • 5% beef liver
  • 5% beef kidney, spleen, & pancreas
  • Cod Liver oil
  • Pet Greens +


  • High Pressure Processing (HPP)
  • Antibiotics
  • Hormones
  • Charcoal

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28th Apr 2022


We’ve been using the bulk size containers of this mix for awhile now and love it. The quality is noticeable and much better than other brands we’ve tried. We just got the new 2lb multi pack and it’s PERFECT for us while traveling in our camper! The convenience is great.


Jen Jackson

27th Apr 2022

Turkey Premium blends

My English bulldog loves this food! We are very pleased with it. She is very healthy and has a beautiful coat. I would recommend this to everyone!


Christine Rojahn

7th Mar 2022

K-9 Turkey Premium Blend

My Bernese Mountain/English Springer Spaniel and Poodle have been eating this for a year now and they love it just as much now as they did when they first started on it. Both were itching and the one had horrible yeast problems, and eating this cleared everything up. Their coats are shiny and soft and their teeth are white and plaque free. I would highly recommend this to anyone whose dog is allergic to chicken or beef, you will not be disappointed.



21st Feb 2022

k-9 Turkey Premium Blend

This blend is excellent. Our lab has been eating this since he was about 9 months old. Before starting the K9 Turkey Premium, his coat was brittle and dry, his skin was dry, and his coat was dull. He was also refusing to eat his kibble. Since feeding this we get compliments on his coat all the time. He is soft, shiny, and all around healthy. Plus, he absolutely looooves this food. Our lab is a therapy dog, so it is important that he is healthy and that his coat is as healthy as possible since getting pets is his job.



10th Jan 2022

Dogs love this

My two female Corsos love this mix and the beef mix. But they would just about eat anything! I love that I can get this large portion of raw that I split into individual 12oz meals. The buckets are handy to reuse and I love that the cold packaging is compostable. I feel so comfortable feeding my dogs your product as they are thriving. Thanks so much too for shipping it! So convenient!


Sollangy Nunez

31st Dec 2021

Easier than I thought

It’s our first puppy & I was worried when I found out he ate raw food but the real meal owner was great, helped us pick the right food & the puppy seems to love it.



20th Dec 2021

High Quality

We recently switched to this brand and noticed a big difference in the freshness and quality of the food! You can easily see the little chunks of fresh ingredients which is nice to know it’s all mixed in and there. Our dog is obsessed with it. Quick shipping, well packaged, and competitively priced. Very responsive and helpful customer service.


Andrew Kinney

13th Dec 2021

My Husky Loves Raw

My Siberian husky is a very picky eater and develops scabs on his skin from a lot of dry kibble. The ingredients in dry food doesn't even compare in quality to raw. Along with the better nutrients, my dog gets zinc tablets, mct oil, and cbd oil to help along side his seizure meds. My dog would refuse to eat his dry food with his supplement added and walk away. I tried about 4 to 5 different dry foods with the same results. He was prescribed expensive special seizure dry kibble but he wouldn't eat it. The vet recommended mixing in mct oil to a food he does eat. With this raw food he eats every last bite immediately after serving. I have noticed his coat is better feeling too.


Tawanah Reeves-Ligon

6th Sep 2021


Our baby (currently a 5-month-old husky mix) eats this like it's candy. We love to throw in little treats with it like raw goat milk or sardines to give her something new, but she enjoys the food by itself as well. Her coat looks beautiful!