Oil of Oregano pills

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Oregano is an antioxidant and has been traditionally used by herbalists to support immune health. Oregano includes minimum 80% carvacrol, the primary indicator of an oregano oil’s strength. Natural Factor's Oil of Oregano is blended in a 1:1 ratio with organic, cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil for improved absorption and consistency. Derived from wild crafted Mediterranean oregano. The oil is extracted from the handpicked leaves using steam-distillation, ensuring that the oil is free of chemical solvent.

Have an infection? Take an oil of oregano pill daily until infection is gone.

Yeast infection in your dog? Give 1 oil of oregano pill daily with food (unless he weighs less then 12 lb open the pill and give 1/2 mixed with food)

These pills work for so many things! Don't be without them in your home!