Wrapped Gift For a Dog Lover or Dog/Puppy

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Need a gift for a dog lover or dog/puppy in your life? I got you taken care of :)

Choose from 3 sizes. Customize each gift. Each Box comes with a 15% Coupon for a future purchase off. Plus coupons for other awesome companies as well!!

Order 1 for each dog lover or dog/puppy you know!! No 2 packages are alike!

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  • Small $29.99
  • Medium $59.99
  • Large $99.99

Each Gift is Jammed Full of Quality items

  •   Green Juju
  •   Kong
  •   Vital Essentials
  •  Tall Tails
  •  Farm Hound
  •  Quality Homemade Items
  • & So Much More!


Each package also includeds a 15% coupon for a future purchase from Real Meal Pet Food