K-9 Premium Blend

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Fresh Poultry

Let your pickiest of eaters from 3 weeks to senior eat their heart out with this delicious, balanced meal. Made with natural, highly absorbable supplements, wild blueberries, herbs, and more, their taste buds and total body health will thank you for this coarsely ground and thoroughly mixed meal.

  • Serving size: Feed 3% of your dog’s weight daily. For puppies, feed 3% of expected adult weight 2-3 times daily.
  • Easy preparation: Keep frozen until ready to feed. Then, simply thaw in fridge and feed within 5 days of thawing.

    ** When buying 38 lb. you may thaw, reportion and refreeze one time. 

The Forever DogLow Carb & Low Glycemic: The Recipe to a Long, Healthy Life

In their recently released book, The Forever Dog, trusted pet care advocates Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, revealed science-backed, healthy eating habits for pups. Although their research is newly released, our raw dog food has always followed strict dietary standards. We maintain a low-carb, low-glycemic recipe to help your pets lead a long, happy, healthy life.




  • GMO-free grass-fed whole prey chicken
  • Fresh beef, including green tripe and heart
  • Pork
  • Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon
  • 5% beef liver
  • 5% beef kidney, spleen, & pancreas
  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Pet Greens +


  • High Pressure Processing (HPP)
  • Antibiotics
  • Hormones
  • Charcoal

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25th Jul 2022

The Real Raw Pet Food K-9 Premium Blend

I have 2 English Mastiffs that love this food. I order Green tripe and K-9 Premiium Blend. The food arrives two days after order. I dont have to worry about when the food will arrive. I dont have to pay hefty shipping charges. We are happy with the company



23rd Jul 2022

Loves loves this food

My 11 week old boxer puppy, Cooper (Urien) loves this food. There is no hesitation to eat, devours the whole meal. He usually is following us to the fridge near meal time.


Roann Delgreco

20th Jul 2022

Great Food

I am really pleased with Real Meal Pet Food. I live on the West Coast and it arrived frozen and in great condition. So far, I have tried the K-9 Premium Blend, the Cooling Blend and the Quail and Sardine. My boys love all of them! I love the healthy ingredients. You can tell it is quality food; texture is good, smell is good, it’s all good! Thanks for making such wonderful products for our pups!



15th Jul 2022

Cane Corso

Absolutely the best raw all natural food out here , my Cane Corso absolutely Loves this food. His coat and skin are soft and well moisturized ! He's healthy and his teeth are clean and in excellent shape, we had a Rottweiler years ago that would have allergies and dry skin. It was due to the lack of nutrition in dry dog food so we opted for Real Meal and couldn't be happier!


Madeline Tedesco

24th Jun 2022

K-9 Premium Blend

I have never seen a dog so excited about his food. He loves it!



21st Jun 2022

k-9 premium blend

My dogs love this and it's super healthy for them their teeth have been cleaner and their coat shines I also love the fact that they poop A LOT less all the ingredients are bio-available with hardly any waste I will continue to buy this product


Donna Johnson

17th Jun 2022

K-9 premium

My dogs love this food. I used to buy from BJ’s but this is a little less expensive and I like how fresh this food seems. It’s much redder and I seem to be able to smell some of the ingredients like some of the veggies and the herbs. I also like that the ingredients are written on the container.



6th Jun 2022

Dog food

Great stuff great company thank you flea and tick powder is gross


Donald Bock

1st Jun 2022

K9 premium blend

My puppy loves this food!