K-9 Premium Blend

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Let your pickiest of eaters from 3 weeks to senior eat their heart out with this delicious, balanced meal. Made with natural, highly absorbable supplements, wild blueberries, herbs, and more, their taste buds and total body health will thank you for this coarsely ground and thoroughly mixed meal.

  • Serving size: Feed 3% of your dog’s weight daily. For puppies, feed 3% of expected adult weight 2-3 times daily.
  • Easy preparation: Keep frozen until ready to feed. Then, simply thaw in fridge and feed within 5 days of thawing.

    ** When buying 38 lb. portion, thaw and refreeze one time.


  • GMO-free grass-fed whole chicken
  • Fresh chicken byproduct, including heads & innards
  • Fresh beef, including green tripe and heart
  • Pork
  • Salmon
  • 5% beef liver
  • 5% beef kidney, spleen, & pancreas
  • Pet Greens +


  • High Pressure Processing (HPP)
  • Antibiotics
  • Hormones
  • Charcoal

Product Reviews


Based on 15 Reviews


Peg Trexler

19th Jul 2021

K-9 premium blend

I have 4 dogs and they all LOVE this food. It is well balanced and easy and quick to use. We will continue to use this product will our current dogs and any future dogs!


Jessica Morse

12th Jul 2021

K9 premium blend

Perfectly blended for optimal health both my 1 yr old and 7 yr old Cockapoo love it!


Kristi Arcement

12th Jul 2021

K-9 premium

My dog gobbles it up. I'm happy with the nutritional value of it.


Ruth Keimel

7th Jul 2021

Great product

My boy loves this food!! So happy I found this honest quality company I feel that both the premium blend and the beef blend are top notch and so do my Great Danes!! They love it!!!


Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2021

30th Jun 2021

K9 Premium

Look no further! This dog food is the creme de la creme! Absolutely top shelf as is Brenda the founder/owner.
My dogs Love this food and it is so beautiful, they know what the 5 gallon buckets are, they start digging in while food still frozen.
Seriously, if you are using some of the others ( and I have over the years) not one of the National or regional raw foods can come near this super high quality fresh food!
Puppies and adult dogs do great on this food


Mark Scanlan

30th Jun 2021

Real Meal K-9 Premium Blend

My wife and I picked up our female boxer in late February. She had been fed RealMeal from day one and decided to continue doing so after she came home. Daisy is our fourth boxer and we are convinced that her diet is exactly correct. Her apatite is excellent, her coat is thick, she's alert and growing into a strong adult animal. Also, her waste is minimal. No more upset stomachs!
Full-disclosure; we have found a no-grain, all meat kibble that we are supplementing with for a couple of reasons. First so we can keep a supply of food on hand that does not require refrigeration, and to heed the advice of our vet.
Nevertheless, Daisy will continue to get her RealMeal K-9 Premium twice a day.


Kristi Arcement

15th Jun 2021


I'm very happy with the ingredients


Diana Vanderslice

25th May 2021

easy to feed & my pup loves it

this premade is high quality and so easy to feed , I thaw slightly and put in single feed glass container to then defrost as needed. My lab loves this food. Customer service has been amazing. Would recommend to anyone.


Deana Binner

21st May 2021

K 9 Premium

My pup cant wait to eat!!