Raw Double fermented Goat Kefir

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Raw Goat Milk Kefir fresh from grass fed goats, double fermented to perfection for added enzymes and less lactose. Build your pet's gut health by adding a teaspon per 10lb body weight to your pet's food.

Frozen in Pint jugs, simply thaw, shake & feed

Real Meal Pet food's Raw double fermented goat milk kefir is fermented for days, then the grains are drained and we ferment again. This method makes a kefir so rich and tasty. Dogs go crazy for it!

Don't settle for kefir that is made quickly by adding culture, like most kefir from other companies is made.


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20th Dec 2021

High Quality

I appreciate the attention to quality this product offers. If I’m going to feed my dog dairy, I find it very important that it is properly fermented and offers the best of nutrients I can find. Very happy with it and the pup loves it.