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BioBrilliant is a new innovation in the dental care support portfolio!  BioBrilliant is scientifically formulated, and clinically tested to be a beneficial product for your pet’s daily dental care routine.  All natural ingredients are formulated by our biochemist to work together to stop the bacteria that promote plaque and tarter in the mouth, freshen breath, and polish teeth helping your pet sport his pearly whites!

This unique formula also works to helps remineralize teeth, which aids in keeping them strong!  BioBrilliant’s tasty formula is loved by dogs and cats, and you will love it too as it’s so easy to use!  Simply shake it on food at feeding time!

BioBrilliant BENEFITS:

  • Scientifically formulated to support overall dental health!
  • Natural ingredients work in tandem to help stop bacteria responsible for plaque and tartar!
  • Helps clean teeth, gums, and mouth daily with no brushing required!
  • Whey from Goat Milk helps remineralize teeth to assist keeping them strong!
  • Natural ingredients gently polish teeth to help keep them pearly white!
  • Sprinkle it on food daily, it’s so easy to use!
  • Dogs and Cats love the tasty formula!


The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that 85% of all pets will have periodontal disease by age 3.  InClover created BioBrilliant, a scientifically formulated, clinically tested product to use daily as part of dental care routine for your pet.  BioBrilliant’s tasty, all-natural formula is multi-functional to freshen breath, help reduce plaque and tarter build up, and remineralize and polish teeth.  BioBrilliant is tasty, and loved by dogs and cats of any age!


BioBrilliant is a power packed, all-natural blend of top quality ingredients designed to be an important tool for daily dental care for your pet!   Our biochemist formulated BioBrilliant to be a multifunctional dental support product.  She started with a comprehensive blend of enzymes in the formula to help breakdown food particles in the mouth.  Green tea, rich in catechins and other polyphenolic compounds, green tea helps limits plaque formation.  Whey from goat’s milk provides key minerals, to naturally remineralize the tooth enamel, while calcium bentonite gently polishes the tooth.

Feeding Directions: Sprinkle powder over dry food or mix into moist food daily.

For Dogs:

                              10-20 lbs. ½ tsp daily (1 “shake”)

                              20-40 lbs. 1 tsp daily (2 “shakes”

                              40-60 lbs. 1 ½ tsp daily (3 “shakes”)

                              60-80 lbs. 2 tsp daily (4 “shakes”)

For Cats

                              5-15 lb. 1/3 tsp (1 “ light shake”)