Pet Greens +

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Why feed synthetic vitamins that your dog can't digest? Get the best nature has to offer! Chock full of organic & wild harvested herbs, veggies & fruit. Keep your pet in the best shape it can be.

Feed 1 Tablespoon per meal per 20lbs. Lasts in the fridge 7 days. Frozen; simply thaw & feed. Can be portioned and refrozen.

Organic Leafy Greens ~ Kale, Spinach, Radish Tops, Red Beet Tops & Lettuce
Organic Vegetables ~ Squash, Celery, Cucumbers & Peppers
Vitamin E ~ Raw Sunflower seeds & Vitamin E powder
Magnesium ~ Raw Pumpkin Seeds & Almonds
Antioxidants ~ Organic Dandelion & Wild Blueberries
Many Benefits ~ Kelp, Spirulina, Burdock Root,  Parsley, Alfalfa Greens,  Barley & Wheat grass, Red Raspberry leaves, raw apple cider vinegar
Allergy Fighter ~ Nettles

Digestive Enzymes  & Plant Based Mineral Blend

Digestion ~ Ginger, & Red Clover
Joints ~ MSM

Zinc ~ Dried Oysters

Immunity ~ Reshi, Shitake, Maitake, & Turkey Tail Mushrooms & Vitamin C

Anti-inflammatory ~ Red beet powder, Mint, Tumeric & Black Pepper
Eye Health ~ Bilberry
Urinary Health ~ Whole Cranberries
Flea & Tick Fighter ~ Garlic
Just a pinch of ~ Fresh Oregano, Basil, Fenugreek, Fennel, Ginger, Cumin, Sage, Fennel, Anise, Milk Thistle, Rosemary


Blended all together and frozen for peak freshness. Thaw and mix into your dogs fresh raw food